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Ride as much or as little as you want. Just make sure to ride. That’s what matters!

About Ridea

We are on a voyage to shape reasonable technology explanations that will generate income-generating chances for tens of thousands of people in Pakistan while focusing on extensive challenges in the transportation, logistics, and payments regions of the nation.

Ridea is your everyday, everything Super App

From helping you reach work at rates cheaper than a rickshaw to transferring money to friends and family, Ridea can do it all and more.


We have heard that time is money, therefore, in today’s century, saving time is the key to success so, Bike is the only personal transport that saves time in Pakistan. In this developing country, everyone needs affordable travel inside the city, we are here to solve the problem of traveling by introducing you to Ridea. We offer a convenient way to travel more in less time and cost. Make Ridea your partner.


We are here to serve the fastest delivery service including cash-on delivery around the city within countable minutes. You can save your bank account details, with Ridea earning the benefits of paperless statements and instant transfer to your bank account upon delivery. 20 deliveries for a Ridea, therefore you don’t have to worry about any hiring and managing a rider and the best part is your parcels are insured so you can have peace of mind while utilizing Ridea.


Send & receive payments to anybody, anywhere around the country. Our Send & Receive features allow contactless & protected payments in-store or online, using customized payment links or through our app. Share an invoice with your friends or customers over WhatsApp, Email, or SMS and collect payments straight into any bank account or digital wallet in Pakistan. Save numerous bank accounts or cards to your profile & start handling your receivables today with a personalized link of Ridea.Cash/Your Mobile Number.


Our Food category is called “Mazay” which means “Yummy”. With Mazay, you can order food from any eatery in your city and get it delivered to you in less than an hour. Mazay also enables you to browse through video reviews of eateries and to view eateries in popular food streets in your city.


You choose, we do the rest. Use Shops to explore and determine all stores, physical or online, in the cities. Order from any retail outlet and our reliable companion system will get the items supplied to your doorstep in counted number of minutes. A whole globe of shopping is just a tap away!


No need for tedious grocery trips when you can save up on transportation costs and get affordable groceries delivered right to your doorstep! Use Khareed Lao to get orders over Rs. 2,000 delivered to you the same day. Our partners will fetch the items of your choice from a designated supermarket in your city. Have cash flow constraints, making it hard to manage your household expenses towards the end of the month? Apply with Ridea for the ability to buy groceries on a monthly credit!

Quick Commerce

Need items from a nearby market? Use Ridea Khareed Lao as your quick commerce solution and get them delivered to you within 30 minutes. Our partners will fetch the items of your choice from a market near you, making shopping quick and convenient!

Why Choose Ridea?

We Prioritize Your Protection

Riders are followed and endure detailed family checks to promise your protection.

Maintain high quality standards

We are serving you with the best of traveling and want you to assist us with the experience of Ridea by giving us ratings and feedback.

Provide transparent pricing

We are transparent with our clients and have no hidden expenses, we guarantee to list out all expenses as per service used.


All riders have an approved driving license, Riders are followed and undergo complete family checks to promise your protection. Your ride is insured both as a passenger and as a shipper


We trust in delivering available ways of utilizing the Ridea bike services. Which is just a call away, with no need for smartphones or credit cards, the Ridea app limits no-one

Careers at Ridea

We are always welcoming and seeing to grow our team. Discover the right role for you.

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As a Ridea Partner, you are fully in control of your trips.