Pakistan’s Leading On-demand Ride-Hailing and Logistic services

We are on a voyage to shape reasonable technology explanations for people in Pakistan while focusing on extensive challenges in the transportation, logistics, and payments regions of the nation.

Ridea all-in-one app

Our facilities support moving people, parcels, and payments efficiently in a non-violent, trustworthy, and economical path. We utilize a bike as a mode of transportation which be more numerous than cars by three times in Pakistan. It gets through the choked streets and narrow paths of cities faster than a tuk-tuk or a car.

Why Choose Ridea?


Our on-demand facilities help students, workers, and businesses save time on transport and maximize their time being valuable.

Responsive Healthcare

In a country with over 190 million population, healthcare is not purely available for several. Therefore, we have affiliated with hospitals to provide fast, on-demand first aid staff to individuals in need. In addition, we have connected with chemists to help deliver over-the-counter treatment to those with no means of doing so.

Luring into Technology

A Ridea can be ordered using a smartphone and a feature phone. Even though booking through a smartphone is more economical, we are taking advantage of the millions who have still migrated to smartphones by offering other techniques of ordering. Local call centers help involve our crowds in this technological innovation in the transport industry.

Financial Inclusion

A Ridea service is not as expensive a transport solution as a rickshaw. We work strongly with our co-workers to offer the best, standardized, fares for logistics and transport services to our customers.

Expanding Public Transport

Ridea helps in expanding the provincial metro and bus routes. Making it at ease to get to an end destination while using public transport.

Reasons to choose us


Go all the way through narrow streets and pathways to get to your destination quicker than a car


Our riding colleagues are licensed, and GPS is followed to guarantee your safety.


Our riding colleagues are licensed, and GPS is followed to guarantee your safety.