Grocery shopping made hassle-free and affordable

Get orders over Rs. 2,000 delivered to your doorstep the same day, from a designated supermarket.

Apply for monthly credit

Ridea provides monthly credit for grocery buying to verified households with cash flow constraints.


Buy grocery items at a discounted price.

Within 24-hour delivery

Get groceries delivered to your doorstep, from a designated supermarket in your city the same day.


Skip a trip to the grocery store and save up on transportation costs by getting grocery delivered to you in the most cost-efficient way.


How Groceries Works

1: Launch Ridea app

Open the app and tap on the Khareed Lao icon. 

2: Add items to your basket

Browse through our categories and add desired items to your basket. Your order value must be greater than Rs. 2,000 for Groceries.

3: Provide delivery details

Enter the drop-off location.

4: Track and receive

Once you checkout, our store pickers will be notified of your order and get your groceries ready for dispatch. A Ridea partner will then deliver them to you ideally the same day.